Vivera Retainers

Vivera retainers preserve straight teeth after orthodontic treatment

After orthodontic treatments, teeth often shift gradually back to their original positions. This is a completely natural phenomenon, but it can be prevented. That’s what retainers are for. Vivera retainers are an excellent option for preserving your beautiful smile after treatment with Invisalign® or traditional braces.

A Vivera retainer is made especially for your mouth with the same innovative technology used to make Invisalign® aligners. Because they are created based on an impression or scan of your actual teeth, Vivera retainers are an excellent, comfortable fit in your mouth.

Vivera retainers are also made with stronger material than most retainers, helping to keep your teeth in place and making your retainer more durable. the Doctor recommends Vivera retainers to help ensure beautiful, lasting smiles — for Sea Girt, NJ patients who have undergone treatment with Invisalign® or traditional braces.


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