Ormco Synthesis System

Orthodontics; Pediatric Dentistry


Straightening teeth with Ormco Synthesis System braces is effective and aesthetic

The cosmetic benefits of braces are well known, but did you know that proper tooth alignment is important for more than just a better-looking smile?

Crooked teeth and jaw issues can lead to tooth decay, gum disease and eventually total tooth loss by making your teeth harder to clean. Untreated orthodontic problems can also lead to issues with speaking, chewing and digestion, along with headaches, neck pain and facial pain.

The Ormco Synthesis System is an improvement on traditional braces for Sea Girt, NJ patients. These braces are designed to fit the shape of your unique teeth, ensuring a snug fit and enhanced treatment.


Ormco Synthesis System braces look good and get results

Unlike the brackets of traditional braces, the Ormco Synthesis System’s brackets are designed with tooth-specific contours in the base for accurate placement and a snug fit. By ensuring reliable placement, the brackets reduce require less wire bending while the Doctor is fitting your mouth with the braces. This means more accurate placement and stronger tooth adjustment — all while reducing the time needed to apply them.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this innovative orthodontic technology is that these braces are designed for aesthetic value as well as treatment value. That means that while your teeth are being straightened more effectively and efficiently, you’ll get the added benefit of increased confidence. While the brackets will be visible, they will be smaller than traditional brackets, so you can go about your life without feeling self-conscious about your treatment.

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