Ormco Inspire ICE™ Clear Braces



Enjoy practically invisible tooth alignment with Ormco Inspire ICE™ braces

Braces are designed to straighten teeth for cosmetic and hygienic benefits. Confident and healthy smiles are always the intended outcome of orthodontic treatment, but braces often have the unintended consequence of embarrassing, metallic smiles during treatment.

That’s what makes Ormco Inspire ICE™ so special. The technology behind Inspire ICE™ makes the brackets crystal clear, while also being twice as strong as other ceramic brackets. With a small design and translucent appearance, (area) patients rave about Inspire ICE™ brackets, which offer straighter teeth in the long term without sacrificing the attractiveness of their smile in the short term.

Braces designed to increase comfort and effectiveness

The brackets are designed with a low profile and a smooth surface with rounded contours, all of which contribute to more comfortable and less abrasive treatments than are possible with traditional braces.

The brackets are also designed to fit the contours of your unique teeth. This means more accurate placement and more effective tooth realignment — all while reducing the time the Doctor needs to apply them.

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