Invisalign Assist®

Invisalign Assist® helps ensure straight teeth

Invisalign® is a popular and viable alternative to traditional braces for many Sea Girt, NJ patients. They have the advantage of being practically invisible, as well as removable for convenient hygiene. On top of that, Invisalign® gets results. Especially when supplemented by Invisalign Assist®.

Invisalign Assist® is a support program personalized for every patient. It is designed to help the Doctor ensure that your teeth are repositioning as efficiently and effectively as possible. There are a variety of factors that Invisalign Assist® enhances, including:

  • Progress tracking: Every mouth is unique, and sometimes teeth don’t respond as expected to a treatment plan. Invisalign Assist® helps the Doctor adjust your treatment plan after it is already underway if needed, to ensure that your mouthpieces get the best possible results for every tooth.
  • Appointment plans: Every Invisalign® patient gets the same high quality of care from the Doctor. With Invisalign Assist®, the Doctor is able to give you an even more personalized level of care at every appointment, with detailed tasks and a custom plan based on your teeth’s progress.
  • Improved clinical protocols: Invisalign Assist® makes it easier than ever for the Doctor to see exactly how your teeth are moving from appointment to appointment with the help of advanced tooth-tracking capabilities.
  • Improved outcomes: All of these features make Invasalign Assist® the perfect complement for the Doctor’s skills and experience. The result? Better treatments and better results for your teeth.

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